6,7, or 8 Ways to Get Pool Installation Leads

Posted on April 25th, 2023

Hey Pool builders, this article will help push you in the right direction to get more leads. There are people with all different types of levels of experience with digital marketing, but as the saying goes, "you're never done learning."

Here are 8 things you need to know about generating leads:

1.) Number one is the website. It's the first thing that people are going to see when they search for the best pool building in your city or surrounding area. Slow-loading websites are a reason many customers don't even bother reaching out to the business about their service; make sure it loads quickly.

2.) The second tip is to optimize your site with meaningful keywords and that a potential client is gonna type into the search engine. You can do this by doing keyword research and looking into the sheer volume and finding out popular terms and keywords your audience is searching for.

2.) The second tip is optimized your site with meaningful keywords that a potential client is gonna type into the search engine. You can do this by doing keyword research and looking into the sheer volume and finding out popular terms and keywords your audience is searching for.ed to tell people what you want them to do, and you need to have it prominently posted on your website so that when they're scrolling around, it's still there. You don't want to lose clients when they come to your website the main item of your website, that means the purpose of your website Is to get these potential clients to be buyers. They want you! They're searching around looking to get a pool in their backyard, and they found you! The key is convincing people that you are trustworthy and the best pool builder in the world.

4.) We mentioned some of this earlier, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) When creating an SEO marketing strategy, there are several questions you have to ask yourself. How does my targeted audience find my website organically? Are you on the first page? Are you ranked on the second page? Where are you ranked? What are your title tags? All these things play an important role on who Google and Yahoo! Having a great SEO campaign for search engine optimization is important. We're going to talk about having great content. You don't have to be a mastermind or write the best copy (though it helps). As a pool building company, just relay your message intelligently and using consistent industry lingo and messaging. Why is this important, you ask? It's important because, when people are searching for pools, they're going to look for, You know, Luxury pools.

5.) Having a lead magnet works well; maybe safety tips, the benefits of some pool designs, or how the pool building process works. Something of value that grabs their attention. This is a type of eBook or offering that allows them to see your work and grab ideas. They'll appreciate getting a valuable free resource because everyone appreciates free and likes information. And so if you can give them something of value and let them know, "It's a big purchase, we understand." Having an informational lead magnet can put them at ease a little bit by maybe going through the ten steps of what it takes to put a pool in your backyard.

6.) Do you know your targeted client profile? If not, sit down and think about who your perfect client is and where they virtually hang out. Is it Facebook? Is it Instagram? Is it on reddit? Is it a form on Facebook or a Facebook page to find out if you could have a perfect client? Well, who would it be? What would their income be? Are they male or female? Are they both? What's the medium income of the household that you're going after? Find out who your perfect client is That'll give you a better idea of who you're targeting and where to target them. 

7.) When running ads on Facebook, the target audience that saw your ad can be re-targeted with a pixel (which they are going to do away with). What is retargeting? Ever clicked on a website or searched for an image and it kept popping up? That is the beauty of retargeting. Retargeting allows a person to see your product or service several times, which saves a business owner money, and it warms the prospect, making them more likely to buy than a prospect that is viewing your ads for the first time. Another crucial part of the pool building industry is reviews. Everybody's going to go on a website and, just like you, think about you and the last purchase you made. 

8.) Last but not least, use good, consistent content to make sure you're capturing your potential clients attention. Sometimes, if your prospect searches for a solution, they may first want to understand some of the terminology and information before hiring a contractor to install or fix their pool. If a pool company has insights on their websites and articles written, this allows a customer to feel more confident that you are an expert in your field of expertise. 

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