Form Tracker

With the integration of coding in the header and footer, the leads will be tracked straight from the form submission. Our form tracking software will work seamlessly on any website with the right tracking code.

All the Details

All the information on the form is recorded in our data bank, including the type of lead, the lead source, and any other vital information. There is no room for miscommunication, and you’re not out of touch about missing data.

Form Lead CRM

Once you start noticing leads falling into the dashboard, they’ll be organized and filtered for optimal reporting. Every piece of information about the lead, including source, notes, status, day/time, and more, is kept organized and optimized for easy viewing.

Inbound Form Submissions

The form is submitted through the site; our system picks up the information and assigns the lead source to gather and record the data. With the tracking code implemented, everything will run smoothly.

Works Everywhere

The smartest and easiest way to allow leads to filter into the dashboard is to add coding to the header and footer. Each website has its own unique system, and our software works on any site regardless of the platform.

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