Real-Time Reporting

Consistent reporting in real-time keeps you up to date with any dips in keyword rankings, lead generation, and more. Get weekly SEO reports to see the ranking of your content on search engines.

Real-Time Reporting

When your business is listed across 70+ locations quickly, you have a better chance of transforming your customers into potential buyers. Everything is intricately organized, allowing you to view metrics including listing status, demographics, live links, and analytics.

Call, Form, and Funnel Tracking

Proving your Return on Investment is what we strive to do, especially when running ad campaigns. The best way to see results is to track actual conversions, including phone calls and form and funnel submissions.

Activity Recording

Our daily tasks are accounted for on the activity feed in real time. Our timeline highlights what happened during the task, who finished it, and when, followed by an email for complete notification.

Key Performance Indicators

We will find all the key performance indicators that are crucial to the promotion of your business. Our goal is to do everything possible to make the most of your Return on Investment. All the metrics spanning your campaigns will let you know what’s working behind the scenes.

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