User & Role Management

Control user and role management roles with our dashboard! If you have several managers who are anxious to see the metrics of the content and want to track the performance level, give them the chance to experience the dashboard, with restrictions if needed.

Managing Positions

Have ultimate control over your site and manage the roles of your employees. For executive officers and managers, allowing your other employees access to the dashboard will let them in on our services without making extensive changes.

Profile Set-Up

Set up your customized profile and give your dashboard a little bit of a personalized look. Each member of your company has the opportunity to create a profile to keep track of who’s making the changes.

Specific Roles

Assign specific tasks to your team members and work towards achieving your company goal. As a role manager, you’ll have the opportunity to assign users different tasks and track their performance. Working together is made easier when everyone has one aspect that they’re working on.

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